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Basketball Promotions from Worldwide Special Risks

April 28, 2023 5:55:49 AM

Times are getting very exciting for Basketball fans around the world as the NBA Finals are hotting up! One of the more openly contested seasons in recent history has seen its  fair share of drama – on and off the court. Whilst debate rages over Jordan or Lebron, ‘super-team’ match ups and the recent scandals in Dallas, a little closer to home we are busy preparing prize insurance packages – suitable for all levels of Basketball! 

Be it a 360 slam-dunk or a clutch 3-pointer from ‘downtown’, Basketball always finds a way to get the fans excited?. That said, why should the fun be limited to just the players? Worldwide Special Risks’ range of Basketball promotions are perfect for halftime or even pre-game promotions. From a straightforward ½ court shot attempt to the frantic :24 second Progressive Sequence, you can add to the excitement on the court by offering a huge prize for a lucky contestant!

In 2017, we insured a halftime Progressive Sequence at the UK Basketball League Final. Two contestants picked randomly from the crowd attempted to win £10,000 by scoring a lay-up, free  throw, 3-pointer and a halfway line shot in :24 seconds. If that wasn’t stressful enough, they had over 10,000 fans watching!

Whilst we didn’t have a winner that day, plenty of similar promotions around the world have witnessed dramatic scenes! In January this year, 12-year-old JJ Franks stepped onto the court at half-time during a Bishop Ryan Catholic School basketball game. Parents, students and teachers alike stood in amazement as young JJ scored a lay-up, a free throw, a 3-pointer before sending up a hail Mary-esq shot from halfway just before the buzzer.

For his efforts, JJ received adoration and applause from his friends and classmates, as well as a cheque for $10,000! Read the full story on ABC’s website by clicking the link below:

It’s not just the high school and college events that have seen success – no basketball fan could forget the time a fan won $75,000 with a half-time overhand throw and got a bundled by Lebron James and the Miami Heat! Check out the video below!

Off the court, March Madness provides an opportunity for a fun mass participation promotion! You can offer participants a jackpot prize for a perfect march madness bracket – or tailor the bracket to suit your league! A sports predictor lets you harness the excitement of knockout sports to use for boosting brand awareness and developing a sponsorship avenue!

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