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Do I need Public Liability Insurance for my event?

March 08, 2023

This is a question that most event organisers want to know and, as a result, this is a question we are asked every day. So, what is the answer? Do Event Organisers really need Public Liability insurance?

In the UK, there is no legal requirement for Event Organisers to have Public Liability insurance. However, most venues will require event organisers to have a minimum level of public liability insurance in place before you can use or hire them.

What is Public Liability Insurance?
Public liability insurance protects against compensation claims and legal costs if someone attending your event is hurt/injured (including death) or third-party property is damaged. It also covers legal costs defending claims.

So, do I need it?
Public Liability insurance offers financial protection against compensation claims so, if you don’t have a policy in place, and someone is hurt or injured at your event, you could face a bill for many thousands of pounds – potentially enough to put a small firm out of business or make you personally bankrupt. Why would you run the risk?

Additional cover
Public Liability will not cover injury to employees. Unlike Public Liability, it is a legal requirement to have cover for employees and this cover can usually be added on to your public liability. Remember, volunteers and temporary staff are classed as employees.

To summarise, although not a legal requirement, it is essential to have Public Liability for your own protection. Better to be safe than sorry!

We at Worldwide Special Risks tailor every one of our event insurance policies to fit the individual requirements of our clients. We believe that, because every event is different, an Event insurance policy must meet each event’s specific needs! Whether it’s a wedding with 50 people attending or a concert with 50,000, we are confident that with our cover your success is insured. Our website gives more details on coverage, alternatively give our experienced team a call now on: 01727 843686.

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