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How to Organize the Perfect Firework Display

Oct 5, 2021 5:55:49 AM

You may think that a firework display would be too much of a hassle to organise because of the risk fireworks and fires can present, however, a firework display can be fun for all and is a great way to raise money for your charity or organisation.

A display can be put on safely and responsibly by following some simple guidelines. Here at Worldwide Special Risks we have set out the five key steps to organising a fabulous family firework display…

 Step 1 – Plan Your Event

When it comes to fireworks and bonfires, you can never be too careful, but this is not something to stress over. As long as you read up on safety guidelines and take the proper precautions, you can pull off a well-run firework display without the need to bring in professionals. The UK Firework Review (UKFR) website offers a brilliant resource for first-time display organisers, with detailed information about site layout and safety when setting up your fireworks. With that taken care of, you can be sure of a cracker of a night for everyone to enjoy.

 Step 2 – Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right place to host your event is essential. You should pick somewhere that’s large enough for the expected crowd, ideally on a reasonably flat piece of land. As well as that you will need to make sure the area is clear of overhead obstructions like power lines. Remember: Using a public space will require permission of the local council.

 If you want to light the display yourself, you may only use fireworks up to Category 3 – only a professional fireworks firer can launch Category 4 fireworks. Category 3 fireworks have a minimum spectator distance of 25 metres and it is important to remember that the boundaries must extend around the fireworks on all sides. Check the prevailing winds and the wind on the day of the event as this may need to be extended depending on the direction and strength.

 You should also produce a site plan that includes where everything will be located, including the firing area, safety zone, fallout zone, spectator area, entrances, exits, parking, toilets, catering and emergency access points.

 Step 3 – Adhere to Regulations

We suggest notifying the council of your event, they will be able to advise whether you should also contact the police and fire brigade. You should have a robust emergency plan in place detailing things like evacuation procedures and onsite emergency response.

 In some locations it may be helpful to warn other people about your event plans, e.g. farmers on nearby farms or any other residential, commercial or industrial premises which may be affected.

 Step 4 – Your Firework Display

Budget will dictate the number and type of fireworks you can buy for your display, but do try to focus on quality rather than quantity. A smaller number of wow-inducing pyrotechnics will have more impact than lots of rubbish ones.

 Just remember to keep things lively, with a mix of effects, so no one section goes on too long.

You’ll also want to avoid gaps, which break the pace of the show. Do this by building in some overlaps; having the next fireworks starting before the current one’s end. When structuring your display, think about it as a show with a beginning, middle and an end. Will you start quietly and work your way up, or open with a loud bang? A blinding end is a must!

 Step 5 – Arrange Staff

 You will need volunteers to staff your event, with the numbers depending on how large your event is. They will be there to help you with everything from setting up and firing the fireworks through to entry management, stewarding and clearing up afterwards.


 Worldwide Special Risks Fireworks Display Insurance provides a range of insurance cover protecting a firework display event organiser for firework events large or small. Our Firework Insurance cover includes Public Liability Insurance for Category 3 fireworks or below with limits up to £10m. Contact us for information on Category 4 Firework Insurance Cover with Professional Fireworks Firers.

 Fireworks Insurance can be taken out for small events with a few close friends or larger occasions with thousands of people in attendance.

 Key Benefits:

 A choice of £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m Public Liability Fireworks insurance cover

  • We can cover events for 10,000+ attendees.
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  • Firework display insurance premiums start from £168.00

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